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March 2013

ESCulham High Performer

OECD PISA: ES Culham is a global high performer According to a recent PISA school based pilot study in 2012, ES Culham pupils  perform significantly above the UK average in reading, mathematics and science. The OECD PISA study also shows our pupils and students exceeding the attainment of counterparts in similar UK schools in the private and independent sector and, internationally, competing well with children in the top schools of …Read More

Eurosport 2013

The 2013 Eurosport in Alicante has ended with the ES Culham team acquitting itself extremely well. “The ES Culham team members were great ambassadors for their school,” said Mr Carlos. “They were well prepared for the games and weeks of preparation paid off with some brilliant team and individual performances.  For more information on Eurosport 2013 Alicante, visit the official website

School Fees 2013/14

Category 3 School Fees for 2013/14 Pupils on the roll in the school year 2012/2013: Primary £2,822.00 p.a. Secondary £3,848.00 p.a. The above figures are subject to confirmation but will not change significantly. Where a number of children from the same family are attending the school, the fee is reduced by 50% for the second child and a minimum fee of £1026.50 is charged for the third and subsequent children. …Read More

Welcome to 2012/13

The new school year 2012/13 has leapt enthusiastically off its blocks and seems to be moving ahead smoothly.  This is the academic year in which we are delighted to celebrate not just 60 years of European Schools but also the exciting advent of Europa School UK. It too opened on 4th September to its first three cohorts of children aged 4-7 yrs. The new school is a huge achievement for all those …Read More

Post 3

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