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May 2013

Classes and Courses

The rules determining the creation of classes and courses, as well as those concerning language teaching are complex in the European Schools. The document, 2011-01-D-33, sets out these rules.  It deals with: the organisation of teaching and class/group creation, division or regrouping. the general regulations for language teaching the organisation of Other National Language (ONL) (Irish, Maltese,Finnish/Swedish) courses. the primary cycle’s harmonised timetable. the organisation of SWALS (Students Without Language Section) teaching provision. …Read More

Inspection and Performance

I am providing a link to the reports for both the 2012 Whole School Inspection and the 2012 PISA School Based Test for ES Culham. The two reports confirm that academic standards at ES Culham are very high.  2012 PISA School Based Test for ES Culham The 2012 PISA School Based Test for ES Culham found that our 15 yr olds were global high performers on par with pupils in …Read More


WELCOME TO THE PAGE OF THE 35TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE EUROPEAN SCHOOL CULHAM    You will find here a list of possible events that will take place from now until January 2014 to celebrate the 35 years of our school. Plenty of things are being planned and we hope they will surprise and delight you! If you click on the Celebration blog, you will have all the details of the events and …Read More

ES Culham Website Re-design

We have moved over to our new website to provide faster access to information and news. I realise the previous website was irritatingly slow and many complained that some vital information was difficult to locate. Some pages still need to be populated with content but this will happen shortly.  We believe the website is constructed in such a way as to provide  easier updating. We have integrated the school’s calendar. …Read More