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Fair game!


The Eurosport table has been finalised. Culham is 9th. Great!
Please see the table below.
1 LUX 2 95
2 BXL 3 83
4 BXL 1 78
5 LUX 1 74
6 BXL 2 73
10 BAD VIL 58
11 BXL 4 57
12 MUNICH 43
13 BERGEN 32
15 MOL 28
Dear Colleagues,
The Eurosport team has had a great time and a fantastic performance at this year’s event in Brussels-Woluwe. The team of 30 selected students participated in 7 different disciplines (Volleyball boys, Volleyball girls, Football boys, Football girls, Badminton and Aquathlon/Biathlon).
This year we had 16 schools participating (14 European Schools and 2 Accredited Schools) and around 600 students. The ability level of the participants was very high with several international players for different teams in football, volleyball and badminton.
Our team had a great performance:
In football both teams played at their best against some outstanding teams. The girls football came on the 8th place. We had a great team and Alissa Sattentau was pointed out by many referees and other coaches as a particularly talented player. The boys’ tournament in football was at a very high level and our boys despite doing their best were not at the level of most of the other teams. To give an example, the team from Karlsruhe had one German U18 International player and three other first league players and still came 10th place.
In Volleyball our teams were very well prepared and with very good tactical awareness and have made a huge progress comparing to the last Eurosport. All results were very close in most of the games but not yet above the level of the other European School teams with more experience in the game. In fact we don’t have any local schools in the area to play Volleyball games against meaning their first matches were during the tournament when the teams progressed to the level of the opposition. We managed to beat some of the strong teams in the tournament like Lux1 nonetheless.
The badminton team achieved an outstanding result and finished in 5th place on the first day of the competition against a very strong opposition. All students excelled and contributed with some more important points for our school.
On the last day of the competition we had the main event of Eurosport – Aquathlon/Biathlon with all 16 teams participating with 20 athletes each in the relay swimming and relay running. The event started with swimming at 8.30am and Culham was very strong for the opposition and came 1st with 7m52s, at 20s from the second team LX2. The Cross Country part of the event took place at BX2 and again our students excelled to beat Varese by 4s in 1h01m29s and for the first time to finish 1st in both events with many personal best times in the 20 students participating. Culham finished 1st place in swimming and 1st place in Cross Country out of 16 teams, an outstanding result!
Winners of the Fair-play award:
This year the Fair-play award was introduced for the first time and with the votes from all referees and table officials Culham was awarded the Fair-play trophy 2017. This is also a great achievement for our team and all teachers (Sue Sladden, David Parker and myself) were very proud of the students. The students were very competitive in all 7 disciplines but always with great team spirit, fairness and respect for all involved. This was a great way to finish the participation of the European School Culham for the last time at Eurosport!
Overall Culham came 9th out of 16 teams which is still a good result for a school of our size. When comparing the points from all teams divided by the number of students available at each school (Secondary) the results would be the following:
1. Culham: 0.15
2. Varese: 0.143
3. Karsruhe: 0.126
4. Alicante: 0.071
5. Bxl 4: 0.055
6. Strasbourg: 0.052
7. Mol: 0.047
8. Lux 1: 0.046
9. Bergen: 0.045
10. Munich: 0.043
11. Bxl 3: 0.041
12. Frankfurt: 0.038
13. Bxl 1: 0.037
14. Lux 2: 0.035
15. Bxl 2: 0.034
(*16. Bad Vibel: As I could not find the numbers of students in Secondary, the result is not added)
The Eurosport trophies of our team will be on display in the staffroom this week.
I would like to thank again all colleagues and families for their support when needed during the preparation of the students. All the hard work and the extra preparation did really make a difference.
José Carlos, on behalf of the Eurosport Team Culham