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For information about  applying for places in 2016/2017,  please contact the School Secretary Mrs Gill Brook by email  gill.brook@eursc.eu . Further useful information about enrollment to the  European School Culham can be be found below. More general information is available at:


Eligibility for each  year group is determined by the Table of Equivalences found in Annex II of the General Rules of the European Schools. Generally the European School Culham does not  accept applications for children born after 31st December 2005.

Admissions information for parents

The General Regulations of the Schools (amended April 2015)  are available at:

http://www.eursc.eu/BasicTexts/2014-03-D-14-en-4.pdf (English version)

http://www.eursc.eu/BasicTexts/2014-03-D-14-de-4.pdf  (German version)

http://www.eursc.eu/BasicTexts/2014-03-D-14-fr-4.pdf (French version)

The European School Culham is a day school for children in secondary generally born on or before 31.12.05. It has three language sections: German, English and French. Pupils are normally admitted to the different sections according to either their dominant language or language of previous schooling. We have a number of 16+ pupils who live with host families but we have no formal boarding facility.

Applications will be considered for all secondary for the 2016/2017 school year.

Assessment: Pupils may be assessed generally based on the requirements of our syllabus. Assessments in certain subjects may be required for pupils, in particular in the second language (German, English or French) where a high degree of fluency is expected.

Categories of Admission: Pupils are admitted to the European Schools either as Category I (parents have a contract of employment with an EU Institution), Category II (where there is a special financing agreement between the parents’ employer and the school), or Category III (all other pupils). The majority of pupils at Culham are fee-paying Category III.

We will advise parents if we believe that this school is not the right pedagogical pathway for a child.

 (1) Initial enquiries

In the first instance, please see the following three web sites:

www.eursc.eu The European Schools

www.esculham.eu The European School Culham

www.cespa.org.uk The Culham Parents’ Association

(2) Further information & applications

Please then write to us by e-mail to the School Secretary gill.brook@eursc.eu. To be able to respond correctly we need to know:

a)      The child’s full name and date of birth.

b)      The child’s current class and in which national education system.

c)     The name of both parents and current postal address. We do not operate on a catchment area.

d)      The relative language skills of the child.

e)      Why you are interested in the European School Culham

This is so that we can send you the most relevant information for your child.

Upon request we will send you enrolment forms, subject choices forms and the relevant fees. These are not available from the web site.

(3) Returning applications to School

The completed application forms should be returned as follows:

Mrs G Brook, School Secretary, European School Culham, Abingdon OX14 3DZ

Incomplete applications cause delays.

(4) Decisions

We know that some families are anxious for admission decisions and we will let you know as soon as possible the places we can offer. However, the process of departures and admissions is always very fluid. We will keep you informed throughout the process.

(5) Full classes

We follow the regulations of the European Schools on class and group sizes.

BRG/last updated 4.11.16