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About ES Culham

The European School Culham is a unique  centre of excellence delivering a European secondary curriculum in a multilingual and multicultural learning environment.  Students acquire literacy not only in their mother tongue or dominant language but also in one of three vehicular languages: English, French or German.  According to the PISA school based  pilot study in 2012, ES Culham pupils  perform significantly above the UK average in reading, mathematics and science. The OECD PISA study also shows our students exceeding the attainment of counterparts in similar UK schools in the private and independent sector and, internationally,  competing well with children  in the top schools of Shanghai  which rated very highly  in the 2009 PISA study.

The school campus is nestled in a large meander of the River Thames near Abingdon only ten miles from the historic and beautiful university city of Oxford. Much of the school is housed in charming listed buildings erected in 1852 as a Church of England teacher training college. Its founder was Samuel Wilberforce, Bishop of Oxford and third son of Sir William Wilberforce, the famous  slavery abolitionist.

The school has approximately 400 pupils, spread over 7 year groups. Consequently, pupils benefit enormously from  small scale education within a very closely knit school community, organised in Language Sections, which is very supportive, both academically and pastorally. This may provide one reason why ES Culham has consistently achieved a  near 100% pass-rate in the European Baccalaureate over years and also scored one of the highest Baccalaureate average of all the other European Schools.

The School has three language sections: English, French and German.  Pupils whose first language is not one of these may be considered for admission to one of these sections.

All pupils are taught a second language, which may be English, French or German, and a third language.

Future of the School beyond 2017

The school’s intergovernmental Board of Governors took the decision in 2007 to phase out the school as a Type 1 European School by 2017. This has to happen because for years the school has had insufficient numbers of children of parents either working for the European Commission or seconded by it to work at the Joint European Torus nuclear fusion project established over 30 years ago at the Culham Science Centre. As such, the European Union is no longer able to continue subsidising the education at the school.

Europa School UK

The Europa School UK  opened in September 2012 sharing the Culham campus with the European School. The aim of Europa School UK is to provide European schooling initially  for those children now too young to be considered for admission to the phasing out European School and to continue European Schools education for those pupils still at the school in 2017.  For more information on ‘Europa School UK’, please visit  http://www.europaschooluk.org/ .