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Headteacher’s Welcome

Mrs Leene Soekov

Mrs Leene Soekov

Welcome to the highly successful European School Culham, the only ‘Schola Europaea’ in the United Kingdom and one of just 14 European Schools supported by the member states of European Union and financed by the European Commission, the UK Government, local companies and parental contributions.

According to a recent PISA school based pilot study in 2012, ES Culham pupils perform significantly above the UK average in reading, mathematics and science. The OECD PISA study also shows our pupils and students exceeding the attainment of counterparts in similar UK schools in the private and independent sector. Globally, it shows too that our pupils compete exceedingly well with children in the top schools of Shanghai which rate very highly in the 2009 PISA international comparison of pupil performance.

We are now only a secondary school, currently educating children born in or before 2005. We offer the European Schools curriculum leading to the pre-university European Baccalaureate which is a demanding, multi-subject qualification assessed in at least two languages of the European Union and accepted, through inter-governmental treaty, by all universities in its Member States. In recent years, our ‘Bacheliers’ have won places at top universities in the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, the USA and New Zealand.  More information about the curriculum can be obtained by linking the European Schools website. www.eursc.eu.

We pride ourselves in our multicultural, multilingual international learning environment which promotes a vibrant global outlook.  ES Culham delivers the European Schools Curriculum through three language sections:

  •          English speaking,
  •          French speaking
  •          German speaking.

For those with an entitlement to other mother tongue tuition, we also provide teaching in Italian, Dutch, Danish, Irish, Spanish and Portuguese. Our teaching staff are partly seconded by member states or selected through international recruitment.

The European School Culham was opened in 1978 to support the The Joint European Torus (JET) project set up by the European Fusion Development Agreement (EFDA)  to “ investigate the potential of fusion power as a safe, clean, and virtually limitless energy source for future generations”. The JET nuclear fusion project is now programmed to be succeeded by ITER (The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) which is now a global undertaking.  In 2007 the Board of Governors of the European Schools decided that ES Culham would close in 2017.

However, since 1978 the European School Culham has developed such a strong reputation for excellent  multilingual and multicultural European schooling that it has become a strong factor for many European businesses, research centres and families wanting the education that we offer to relocate to our catchment area of Oxfordshire and the ThamesValley. Consequently, with the support of the UK Government, the local authorities and the Board of Governors of the European Schools, the Europa School UK opened its doors in September 2012 with the intention of continuing the outstanding European education beyond 2017 when the European School has to close.