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ES Culham BAC Options

In 2015 students in S5 will be choosing their options for the 2017 European Baccalaureate . Please open the booklet to see a full list of options  and course descriptors. The two year BAC course will begin in S6 in September 2015.

Choices S6-S7 booklet

Please note the following erratum:

There will be a later addition for Lab Physics in the near future.

Here are the EB Regulations, approved by the Board of Governors December 2014:-

2014-12-D-6-fr-1 RARBE 2015  Règlement d’application du Règlement du Baccalauréat européen

2014-12-D-6-de-1 RARBE 2015  Durchführungsbestimmungen zur Europäischen Abiturprüfungsordnung

2014-12-D-6-en-1 RARBE 2015 Arrangements for implementing the Regulations for the European Baccalaureate