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World Book Day ‘Speed Dating’

This year’s World Book Day was marked at Culham with a new initiative by L1 teachers, working in tandem with L2 teachers to celebrate pupils’ reading recommendations to their peers in the form of an oral ‘speed dating’ style Book Review Exchange. During one period on Thursday, 3rd March, L1 students in S1 through S4 presented a short book review in their L1 and listened to a peer’s review in their second language. Reviews were prepared in advance with the students’ L1 teachers but the challenge and dynamism of the day was to share them with an L2 peer, in just 2.5 minutes (timed by stopwatch) before moving on to a new partner. The students had the opportunity to exchange reviews with seven different pupils, culminating in a ballot vote for the book that seemed most interesting.

Both pupils and participating staff applauded the dynamism of the event, which seemed to generate a lot of energy and excitement around the pupils’ own reading and speaking for a purpose, putting into practice the values the European School places on languages and literacy.

And the winning books were:

ES Culham Book Review Exchange Ballot
The best book I heard reviewed is:
ES1 and ES2:
Mr Talevi’s class – Ella
Mr Wright’s class – Enquête au college; One Shot Kill
Mrs Boren’s class – Journey to the River Sea
Mrs Fahl’s class – 1st: Erebos close joint 2nd: The Shamer’s Daughter; Boom
Mrs Barth’s class- 1st: L’ile du temps perdu; 2nd: The Maze Runner
Mrs Dubois’ class – Pig Heart Boy
Mrs Chavez’s class – Ne vous disputez jamais avec un spectre

ES3 and ES4:
Mr Parker’s class – Vendredi, ou la vie Sauvage
Mrs Phillipot-Gasc’s class – Rebecca
Mrs Sidbury’s – 1st: Trash; 2nd: Marie Tempete
Mrs Fahl’s class – 1st: Brothers Lionheart; Joint 2nd: Ich, Elias; Blueprint
Mr Corrie’s class – Freak City
Mrs Barth’s class – 1st: The Hunger Games; 2nd: Tschick
Mrs Gesse’s class – 1st: Throne of Glass; 2nd: Le Grand Duc